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Life's a beech: preserving our forests for the future

By Paul Hackett
Life's a beech: preserving our forests for the future
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The beech forest of the Paklenica National Park in Croatia is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Formed after the last ice age, primeval woodland like this is crucial for mitigating climate change - but these ecosystems also face a combination of threats, notably deforestation, as well as fire - often prompted by warming global temperatures.

A European project called Beech Power aims to protect Europe’s last remaining beech forests.

To find out more about the initiative, Smart Regions spoke to the Paklenica Nationa Park's Director, Natalija Andačić.

It’s very important to protect these forests because it is endemic species for Europe and it’s home for about 10,000 different species and some of them are very rare.
Natalija Andačić
Paklenica National Park Director

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