This photo sparked a big police response amid fears it was a human toe

UK police looking for suspected human remains found a potato. Jan 2021.
UK police looking for suspected human remains found a potato. Jan 2021. Copyright Northumbria Police/Twitter
By Euronews
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Can you guess what it is?


British police called in to investigate possible human remains have ruled it a "pota-toe".

A woman in Northumbria, northern England, called police on Tuesday after spotting what she thought was a human toe buried in the mud of the field she was walking her dog in.

The image she sent the force "did show what appeared to be a human foot", Northumbria Police said in a statement on Friday.

Response officers and specialist police dogs were sent in to search the field.

"Eventually we tracked down the 'scene' only to discover the toe was in fact a potato with a mushroom growing next to it," the police statement said.

Officers had "a chuckle" but bore no ill-will towards the woman who made the call because it "was made in good faith".

They instead praised the woman's "vigilance" and urged anyone who comes across suspected human remains to reach out.

"If it does turn out to be a vegetable, our police dogs will thank you for the treat!," they said.

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