Letter scheme aims to combat loneliness

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By Louise Miner
1 Letter 1 Smile
1 Letter 1 Smile   -   Copyright  1 Letter 1 Smile

Christmas can be an extremely lonely time for some, but this year many more of us are separated from loved ones more than ever.

Enforced isolation, however, has inspired a group of young people to take to their computer keyboards and reach out to others around the world.

The scheme is called 1 Letter, 1 Smile and so far 704,426 letters have been exchanged.

Euronews spoke to one of the founders of the project, Alienor Duron who's in northeastern France.

"I was with my cousins and siblings and we really wanted to help in any way that we could because we were hearing all the terrible news about loneliness in care homes and how the lack of love in isolation for an elderly person can really be felt and we wanted to help and we figured that because we wanted to help, surely other young people would want to help as well," she said.

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