EU crunch summit - the stakes

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By Darren McCaffrey, Philip Sime
EU crunch summit - the stakes
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Three years on from the vote which shocked Europe and the world. The Union Flag still flies here at the seat of EU power. Three British Prime Ministers have grappled with Brexit.

Now extension number three is on the cards as Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to make his first appearance in Brussels. A man who's built his Prime Ministerial career on one thing and one thing only. Getting Brexit done - deal or no deal - by Halloween.

Mr Johnson's best shot at doing that is to secure a new Brexit deal this week. There has been positive mood mood music in recent days. But be in no doubt, a meeting of minds on the Northern Irish border is far from certain.

If negotiations collapse Boris Johnson would be forced to delay Brexit. Something he's vowed never to do so all eyes would then be on whether he will try to trigger a no-deal on 31st October.

And don't forget there'll be 27 other EU leaders in the room growing ever more frustrated with Brexit.

In this video political editor Darren McCaffrey breaks down the issues.