Brexit: the aftershocks

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By Euronews
Brexit: the aftershocks

In this edition of Insiders, Euronews’ current affairs magazine with an in-depth look at the critical events shaping our world, we take a look at the impact of Brexit.

Although the United Kingdom has yet to leave the European Union, June’s vote has already had tangible consequences on both people and the economy.

Hans von der Brelie’s report takes us to both Britain and France. In France, we met British business owners applying for their host country’s citizenship. In Britain, we talked to EU workers who built a life there and now want to become British.

Another effect of the Brexit vote is the blow it has dealt to the thriving technology sector, which contributes a huge 10 percent to GDP, and was very much in favour of Britain remaining in the EU. As Sarah Chappell reports – tech companies, personnel and investors are now thinking twice about the UK.

Host Sophie Claudet also speaks to Andre Sapir, an economist and senior fellow with the Bruegel think tank in Brussels.

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