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Womb to rent - the harsh realities of surrogacy

Womb to rent - the harsh realities of surrogacy
By Euronews
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In a clinic in Ukraine surrogate mothers carry babies for couples who otherwise would be childless. It is legal but not without controversy with some who believe it is nothing short of a money making business.

In most EU countries surrogacy as well as egg donors are not allowed. It means Ukraine has become a key destination for Europeans in search of a surrogate mother.

Going to another country where surrogacy is legal while at home it’s not, paying someone to carry a baby you otherwise would never be able to have, taking a risk that you can’t bring your child home – the surrogacy issue is emotive and complex. For some in Europe it is a price worth paying for the gift of parenthood.

Euronews reports from Ukraine and France and talks to couples, doctors and surrogate mothers.

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