Cees Maas, former Dutch Treasurer-General

Cees Maas, former Dutch Treasurer-General
By Euronews

He is one of the ‘architects’ of the European Single Currency: Cees Maas, the former Treasurer-General of The Netherlands was one of the driving forces behind the Treaty of Maastricht, which led to the creation of the euro.

“There is no euro crisis”, he explains to euronews reporter Hans von der Brelie: “but there is a problem with our governments, having deficits which are too high.”

Maas insists: “The euro is a stable currency, there is no inflation in the eurozone, that is exactly what we wanted.”

Maas blames ‘the lack of discipline by governments and politicians’, putting forward the point that ‘any family, any household knows, that you can not accumulate your debt all the time because nobody will finance you any more…”

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