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The 22-year-old on a mission to find the greenest projects in Europe

Antoine Abou on his 9-month European tour with an electric bike
Antoine Abou on his 9-month European tour with an electric bike   -   Copyright  cycling4planet
By Doloresz Katanich

22-year-old French student, Antoine Abou, has set off on a 7,000 km cycling trip to showcase the best environmental initiatives around Europe. His goal? To prove that there are as many solutions to the climate crisis as problems.

Antoine created his campaign 'Cycling4Planet' over the summer. After having secured some financial backing and borrowed an electric bike, he grabbed his backpack and left the French town of Lyon at the end of September.

He set a target to cycle for a total of nine months, while doing as many interviews as he can on environmental discoveries along the way. As his journey progresses, Antoine is placing short videos on his social media to help people learn about the small communities and brands doing their bit for the planet.

In just a few weeks, Antoine has already conducted around twenty interviews in between Paris and Brussels. So far he has met people like Eva Sadoun, the co-president of Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux, a French organisation helping companies to increase their ecological credentials. And Jean Moreau, the founder of Phénix, an app that saves 120,000 meals a day.

Euronews Living caught up with Antoine while he was in Amsterdam, where he was getting ready to move on to Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen in the coming months.