How to fill your home with metallic tones and keep it classy

Hints of bronze, silver and gold are in this season
Hints of bronze, silver and gold are in this season
By Euronews Living
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Upmarket brands have released a slew of new products to make your home sparkle in gold. silver, chrome and bronze.


Posh fixtures and furnishings brand Villeroy & Boch has unveiled a brand new home decor collection, made with a host of metals. 

From gold and silver to brass, copper, chrome and rose gold tones, metallic trinkets are all the rage, but done wrong, they risk looking tacky and ostentatious.

Here, we take a look at how to fill your home with metal details and keep it looking classy.

In your kitchen

Chrome has long been a feature of kitchens, so Villeroy & Boch kicked it up a notch with these gold and rose gold interiors.

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Small details like plates with gilt edges give the impression of glamour. Add that to fixtures and fittings, such as taps, shelf brackets and skirting for a truly expensive look.

In your dining room

It would be easy to go overboard with metallic accessories in the dining room. But by mixing shades, as seen above with brass, chrome and rose gold, you can still achieve a casual and relaxed dining space. If you're just looking for something small to add a touch of class to your room, consider a statement cutlery set.

Meanwhile, Engblad & Co has released a line of metallic wallpapers to give rooms that extra sheen.

In your living room

The living room is perhaps one of the hardest places to pare back on a desire to fill the room with shiny ornaments. But to keep it muted and elegant with a sense of and grandeur by opting for brushed and textured metals in your new purchases. It could also pay off to hunt for antiques, which don't have the same brash finish.

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Pair these with a metallic wallpaper for extra personality.

In the study

The study is perhaps the place it's easiest to get away with collecting a host of mismatched metal knick-knacks. The utilitarian nature of the study is easily brightened up by a brass drinks trolley, silver paperweight and golden globe.

In the bathroom

Gold lovers rejoice. No longer is the golden bathroom confined to Dubai's Burj Al Arab.

There is almost no way to have too much gold, silver, copper or bronze in your bathroom. As long as the walls are decorated in bright colours colours, allowing the light to reflect of your metallic fixtures, it will almost always look expensive and well thought out.

Unless, of course, you choose a gold throne.

In your bedroom

The bedroom is perhaps the most intimate area of the home so it's all up to your personal taste. Usually a golden pineapple lamp would be considered gaudy, but by switching to brushed brass, the effect is much less in-your-face.

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