Beat the heat: 5 eco-friendly deodorants you need to try

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Woman with arms raised
By Rosie Frost
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Five aluminium free, low packing deodorant options you didn't even know existed.


Europe has been experiencing record temperatures this year, with the summer heatwave bringing temperatures over 40 degrees in some places. Keeping dry and smelling fragrant in the heat is hard, especially when trying to avoid problematic ingredients like aluminium salts that can block your sweat glands and make you even smellier.

Packaging concerns are also a consideration, with aerosols containing gasses that contribute to climate change and roll on deodorants in plastic containers that can be hard to recycle.

For most people, deodorant is a monthly purchase; the UK uses around 600 million aerosols each year. With figures like these, a switch to a more environmentally friendly alternative could have a massive impact on reducing environmental damage.

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A number of alternatives are available, ranging from entirely packaging free, 'naked products' to roll-ons that come in glass containers, helping to reduce plastic waste when you are done with them. No single deodorant will work for everyone as our body chemistry can be very different and sorting through the hundreds of options on the market can be daunting.

So we've done the legwork for you, here are a few recommendations.

Nuud Deodorant



This paste deodorant has no aluminium, parabens, artificial fragrances, alcohol or propellants. It also comes in a tube made from sugar cane rather than conventional plastic and box is entirely biodegradable.

Starter pack


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Ben & Anna Papertube Deodorant Stick in Pure


Ben & Anna

All natural ingredients wrapped in a tube of Forestry Commission Certified paper, Ben & Anna's stick deodorant is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Some money from its sale also goes toward supporting environmental organisation One Earth - One Ocean.

Papertube Deodorant in Pure


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Aesop Déodorant Roll-On



This roll comes in a glass bottle and contains a blend of odour absorbing ingredients and essential oils alongside wasabi extract to keep you fresh. Its perfect for sensitive skin and has a light, earthy scent.


Déodorant Roll-On


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Lush Aromaco Solid Deodorant



Lush's naked deodorant avoids the problem of plastic packaging entirely by not having any packaging at all. It works just like a conventional roll on; rub under clean, dry, armpits and you're set.


Aromaco Solid Deodorant

£6.50 / 100g

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Meow meow tweet Baking Soda Free deodorant cream in Grapefruit


Meow meow tweet

Not everyone's skin can handle bicarbonate of soda, the usual sweat stopping ingredient of choice in natural deodorants. Meow meow tweet have this baking soda free cream for just this reason. Packaged in a glass jar, it uses magnesium and arrowroot to keep the sweat at bay.


Baking soda free deodorant cream in Grapefruit


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