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5 Mens swimwear brands that are leading the way in sustainability

Men's swimwear, man jumping into the sea
Men's swimwear, man jumping into the sea
By Lucy Wagstaffe
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A selection of eco minded swimwear brands that will not cost the planet.


It's not just womenswear that's making gains in the sustainable department. As of recently, menswear is catching up too. In particular, mens swimwear brands are starting to consider ways of recycling ocean waste to create functional, fashionable and reliable swim shorts. 

We're highlighting 5 brands that are considering the health of the ocean at the heart of their design.


Move over virgin nylon and make way for econyl® - a sustainable yarn made by recycling waste from landfills and oceans, that is taking the swimwear industry by storm. Ché is paving the way towards sustainable swimwear by turning 'ghost fishnets' (discarded nets), scrap textiles and dumped carpets into luxury, chic swim shorts. The shorts are made using the aforementioned econyl® 'regenerated nylon yarn' but they share the same properties as virgin nylon: they're water resistant and provide protection from harmful UV rays too. 

Swim shorts are priced from £110.


Naeco’s luxury swim shorts are made from 100% recycled materials and each comprises of approximately 15 recycled plastic bottles. Naeco’s ethos is to protect marine life (which is evident in their name, read it backwards…) whilst creating unbeatable softness and durability. 

Shorts are priced from £185.


Patagonia’s practical, light and eye catching swim shorts are mostly made from recycled polyester. This recycled polyester is a product of old plastic bottles, unusable manufacturing waste and garments that have seen better days. The swim shorts also have a recyclable zip and Patagonia encourages customers to recycle the shorts at the end of their garment life. Sounds good to us! 

Shorts are priced from £55.

Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand have sustainability, traceability and ethical production at the heart of their philosophy. This is another brand that has taken inspiration from protecting marine life from destructive and unwanted plastic, as their shorts are made from recycled plastic bottles too. They claim that using recycled polyester reduces carbon emissions by 37% when compared to using virgin polyester. The brand offers something that is unusual in the fashion industry, which is full transparency and traceability: you can view the ‘Product Footprint’ to understand how your shorts were made and by whom. 

Shorts are priced from £98.

Riz Boardshorts

Last but not least on our list is the sustainable swimwear brand Riz Boardshorts, as their shorts are made from '100% recycled and recyclable fabric' using plastic bottles (you guessed it). This eco minded swimwear brand is going a step further by giving £1 from every pair of shorts sold to the Marine Conservation Society. It’s a yes from us! 

Shorts are priced from £98.

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