Best eco-travel Instagrams to follow this May

Best eco-travel Instagrams to follow this May
By Euronews
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From tips and tricks, to recommendations and inspirational photographs, these influencers are blazing a trail for sustainable travel.


The global travel and tourism industry has become one of the largest in the world and was last recorded to have contributed a staggering $8.27 trillion US dollars to the economy in 2017 alone.

The popularity of travel looks only set to increase and so it is our duty as the custodians of our planet to ensure we do it in a compassionate and sustainable way.

Granted, it can be difficult to know where to start, so if you’re struggling to find out ways to reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the planet without sacrificing your exploration of it, take a look at our roundup of the best eco Instagram accounts to follow. From tips and tricks, to recommendations and inspirational photographs, these influencers are blazing a trail for sustainable travel.

Carmen Huter


The first thing Carmem states on her website is that it is her mission to create more than she consumes. This is evident as soon as you land on her eponymous Instagram account - a haven of wistful photographs all finished in a blue-ish hue. Each place Carmen visits, she engages with on an eco-friendly level, using her skills as a professional travel photographer to bring light to the sustainability plights of the places she visits. Be warned: it’ll make you want to quit your day job and go travelling immediately.

The Dharma Trails


The Dharma Trails account follows Vivien and Aaron as they trek around the world, taking in all the beautiful sites it has to offer. This is not just simply a typical digital nomad page, though - this couple work hard to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle wherever they go, volunteering at events such as beach clean ups, recommending sustainable brands and engaging their followers in thought-provoking discussion on climate change through their #EcoThought of the day. Take a look at their website to download their free eco travel guide, too.

Earth Wanderess


Earth Wanderess has been a freelance travel writer, blogger and climate activist ever since she quit her corporate day job. Though many of her photographs show Evelina standing in front of beautiful waterfalls, beaches and landmarks, she means serious business and is committed to sustainable travel - so much so that she travels without flying. With core values of minimalism, exploration, compassion and sustainability, her account offers inspiration and insight into a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Eastern Suns


Photographer Jonathon Collins uses his discerning eye to take truly arresting photographs of the world around him - each has a moody undertone and is perfectly lit and each captures the world in a beautifully poetic way. What makes them even more poignant, though, is the captions - a tool he uses to both educate and inspire and to enlighten his followers on the effects that climate change is having on some of the most vulnerable regions in the world.

The Crowded Planet


Husband and wife Nick and Margherita have spent many years travelling around the world as a journalist and photographer duo, documenting the places they visited and the things they’ve learnt about the planet. On their Instagram feed, they share tales of their adventures as well as offering advice on eco tourism and how to travel more sustainably. This is a great one if you’re really into adventure travel and living like a local during your trip.

Travel For Wildlife


Hal and Cristina met after Cristina contacted Hal about his famous photograph of a leopard killing a crocodile. From there, a relationship blossomed, and with it, their award-winning blog, which incorporates his photography skill and her zoology degree. Filled with stunning wildlife photographs and advice on responsible wildlife tourism, their Instagram account is well worth a visit if you’re looking to go on safari or a nature trek any time soon.

Words: Bianca Barratt

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