Best green books and eco apps of the month

Best green books and eco apps of the month
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These are the eco friendly apps and books you should be downloading and reading now.


The sign of a good app or book is how easily it helps, entertains or educates us. These are the eco friendly ones you should be downloading and reading now.

Best books to read this month

Outside the Green Box: Rethinking Sustainable Development by Steve Goreham

Former engineering environmental researcher Steve Goreham has had enough of reading up on misguided green manifestos and is here to set the record straight with this easy-to-read book. Filled with infographics and witty soliloquies that debunk the incorrect concepts businesses and governments are basing their multi-million-pound policies on, Goreham’s work looks to point us in the right direction and focus on making changes that will actually positively affect our environment, rather than ones that just make leaders look good. Read this to arm yourself against global warming sceptics or if you’re looking to start a heated conversation at your next dinner party.

£19.48 | Amazon | Buy it here

Be Green! Mindful Kids Global Citizen by Mandy Archer and Katie Abey

It goes without saying that we need to prepare the next generation to take up the fight against global warming. In this informative activity books, kids as young as five can take on these easy tips that’ll help protect the environment. Colourful, picture filled and easily digestible, it’s a non-fiction read that children will enjoy getting stuck into and offers up thought-provoking activities that’ll get them excited about saving the planet.

£8.46 | Amazon | Buy it here

A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button

In our consumerist society, we’re always on the look out for novelty and coveting things we don’t have. Tara Button - CEO of the Buy Me Once brand - encourages us to step back from this mindset and instead adopt one of “mindful curation” - carefully choosing each item we purchase and ensuring it’s the most high quality, long-lasting and pleasing option we can find. This, she argues, is the only way to slow down the excessive human consumption that is slowly choking our planet. This ten step how-to guide helps you get to this mentality and learn to find joy in buying quality over quantity.

£7.94 | Amazon | Buy it here

Best apps to download this month

Seasonal Food Encyclopedia

This app does exactly what it says on the tin - helping you to find out which produce is in season. This concept goes beyond simply sounding good - eating seasonally allows you to eat more locally grown foods, eat produce when it has the most vitamins and least chemicals. With a simple-to-use interface, you simply enter the month and country you are currently in and it’ll provide you with a list of the best fruit and vegetables to buy.

Available on Android and iOS | Download it here 

Good On You - Ethical Fashion

We all know that fast fashion is harming the environment and is one of the biggest contributors to Carbon Emissions. This nifty app is filled with environmental ratings that allow you to research and discover the most ethical and eco-friendly fashion brands around. Though the search engine still needs a little work, it’s a great source of information for those looking to shop more consciously.

Available on Android and iOS | Download it here

Giki - product ratings

If you asked a group of people if they’d like to find ways to become more environmentally friendly, the majority - if not all - would likely say yes. The trouble is, many of us don’t have the right guidance or information at hand to make significant changes. Giki helps us take the first step by rating over 250,000 products for their ethicality, environmental credentials and health benefits. Key in your top concerns, scan an item’s bar code and find out whether the company that made it is doing its part for the environment. Some of the metrics it rates include recyclable packaging, animal welfare, responsibly sourced and low carbon footprint.

Available on Android and iOS | Download it here 

Words: Bianca Barratt

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