Flesh for fantasy: Are you ready for Louis Vuitton’s new boots?

Are you ready for Louis Vuitton’s new boots?
Are you ready for Louis Vuitton’s new boots? Copyright Louis Vuitton
By David Mouriquand
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From 3D printed shoes to larger than life cartoon styled boots, 2023 has been a challenging year for footwear. Now luxury brand Louis Vuitton has taken it to a whole new level. So, flesh or fashion?


From the viral Astro Boy-style boots by MSCHF, the Crocs x Feng Chen Wangs, the McDonald’s x Crocs collaboration via the rise this summer of the ugly shoe trend, 2023 has shaken up the world of foot fashion.

And this year’s not done with us yet.

French fashion brand Louis Vuitton has unveiled a new design of boots that are... a step above the rest?

They are new heeled human leg illusion boots, the LV Illusion Ankle Boot, which are designed to look like someone wearing a pair of black heels with white socks on.

In case you were wondering, the rep-leg-as cost almost $2,500 (almost €2,270).

For those of you who are actually considering it, you should know that they come in two lengths: ankle-high and knee-high. And are available in two different skin tones.

According to the website, the illusion is “painted by hand to create the illusion of a ribbed sock worn inside a black shoe” on the supple calfskin material. It’s all designed as a nod to the “Surrealist art movement”.

Surrealism or no, how much would you pay to look like you’re wearing a fake leg?

Instagram had its say, with one user commenting “When you start running out of ideas”, and another asking the pertinent question: “So no one on the QA team didn’t think that this looked like prosthetic legs!?”

The team behind the design clearly had a leg-luster performance.

Enough leg puns for one day. The question we really want an answer to is the following (once you've cast your gaze on the image below): 

2023Crocs, MSCHF, Feng Chen Wang, Louis Vuitton

What the **** is going on, and why do the fake leg ones look like the comparatively sane option right now???

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