Suckling piglets and a broccoli forest; some of the winners of food photo competition

A Venetian fritto misto from Venice to London with love. Winner of the Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture award
A Venetian fritto misto from Venice to London with love. Winner of the Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture award Copyright Cara Cormack (Stylist: Alice Ostan)
Copyright Cara Cormack (Stylist: Alice Ostan)
By Katy Dartford
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The Candy Man, by UK photographer Jon Enoch, has won the overall prize in the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition.


This striking photograph was taken in the streets of western Mumbai near the beaches and fairs famous for vendors selling candy floss. 

It is part of a wider series of images of the sellers, which capture the unique ways used to display the candy goods in the hope of attracting a buyer.

Jon Enoch
The Candy Man, by Jon Enoch, Overall winner (and Street Food)Jon Enoch

Jon Enoch, who's behind the series, says, “I’m ecstatic to receive this award, it's a real honour to get this recognition in such a prestigious competition laden with wonderful imagery”.  

“The winning image was part of a personal project - a huge amount of time and thought went into capturing it so it's great to be recognised by such an esteemed panel of judges", he added, "Ever since I first saw the candy floss sellers I was drawn to the shapes, colours and juxtaposition of the candy and the urban environment.”

The winners of this year's Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year competition were announced at a ceremony at BAFTA in London. The judging panel included Rein Skullerud, a senior photographer and photo editor at the United Nations World Food Programme and legendary food photographer, David Loftus. They assessed thousands of entries submitted from over 65 countries across the world.

Euronews Culture takes a look at some of the other category winners, with descriptions by the photographers...

Bring Home the Harvest

In the Storm by Khanh Phan Thi, Vietnam

Khanh Phan Thi
Bring Home the Harvest category: In the Storm by Khanh Phan Thi, VietnamKhanh Phan Thi

"When I arrived at Lap An Lagoon, the storm came. The people who were with me were very afraid of lightning, but I stayed to witness the change of the storm when Heaven and Earth seemed to be connected by wind and water. I tried to stay calm, to forget my fear and shoot this moment."

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year

Girl After Emptying a Tank at the End of the Fermentation by Thierry Gaudillère, France

GAUDILLERE Thierry/ thierry gaudillere
Girl After Emptying a Tank at the End of the FermentationGAUDILLERE Thierry/ thierry gaudillere

"Girl resting after emptying a vat after the fermentation of the grapes in a vineyard in Burgundy. Physical and tiring work."

Food for the Family

Slurping Spaghetti by Catherine Falls, Ireland

Catherine Falls
Slurping SpaghettiCatherine Falls

"Spag bol is always a winner in our house and the leftovers are enjoyed for lunch the next day, as my youngest daughter demonstrates in this image."

Food in the Field

Dinner is Ready by Felipe Pizano, United Kingdom

© Felipe Pizano
Dinner is Ready© Felipe Pizano

"Sow taking a nap in a hole, meanwhile her piglets feed themselves in the hot weather of Palenque, close to Cartagena, Colombia."


Food Stylist Award

Trio of Cake; The Aftermath; Who's doing the dishes?; Say When…; Let them eat cake…

Stylist: Keiron George, photographer: Frankie Turner

Frankie Turner
Keiron George won the Food Stylist Award for ‘Let them Eat Cake...’, which is part of the ‘Beauty in Destruction’ collection shot by Frankie Turner.Frankie Turner

On the Phone

Bonnet Delights by Hein van Tonder, United Arab Emirates

Hein van Tonder
Bonnet DelightsHein van Tonder

"Saturday afternoon street food in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka."

Pink Lady® Moments of Joy

Hanging Up Persimmons by Zhonghua Yang, China

© Zhonghua Yang,
Hanging Up Persimmons© Zhonghua Yang,

"The Taihang Mountains are so cold and dry that making hanging persimmon cakes is the main source of income for local farmers. This year's persimmons are harvested, peeled and dressed, and hung under the eaves in bunches, waiting for the persimmons to soften and freeze, hoping they will bring a good price in the New Year."

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year (China)


Anchang Sugar Dance Artist by Zhonghua Yang, China

"The process of pulling sugar is a local speciality."

"This process is very skilful and the master appears to be dancing when pulling the white sugar."

Politics of Food

Ramadan Meals Among the Ruins in Idlib, Syria by Mouneb Taim, Netherlands

Mouneb Taim
Ramadan Meals Among the Ruins in Idlib, SyriaMouneb Taim

"After the campaign of the Syrian regime on Idlib and the departure of the Syrian forces from the city of Nayrab, the people of the city found all its houses destroyed."

"That was in the month of Ramadan in the year 2020. Neither the war nor the destruction prevented the people from holding a group breakfast, an important tradition for them during Ramadan."

Student Food Photographer of the Year supported by The Royal Photographic Society

Amazonian Foodscape by Kim Bainbridge, United Kingdom

"An imaginative scene that could be somewhere in the dense Amazonian jungle. Made out of food."


Young (10 and under)

Peaches by Maja Kowalczyk, Poland

Maja Kowalczyk
PeachesMaja Kowalczyk

"One of my favourite summer fruits, photographed under a tree in our garden."

Food at the Table

Thankful for the Simplicity in Life by Jesslyn Jocom, Singapore

Thankful for the Simplicity in Life@JesslynJocom/JesslynJocom

"This image was taken from my visit to Shwe Gu Orphanage monastery in Old Bagan, Myanmar, in 2018.

"I visited this monastery for three days and observed their daily routines. Most of these children have lost their parents and have no family.

"They are training to be Buddhist monks."

The Claire Aho Award for Women Photographers

Adua's Kitchen by Carla Sutera Sardo, Italy

Carla Sutera Sardo
Adua's KitchenCarla Sutera Sardo

"Adua's kitchen is part of a journey down memory lane of an 86-year-old woman who had to leave her lifelong home during the Covid pandemic."

unearthed® Food for Sale

Selling Fish by Md Mahabub Hossain Khan, Bangladesh

Md Mahabub Hossain Khan
Selling FishMd Mahabub Hossain Khan

"Naya Bazaar is one of the oldest weekly fish markets in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We can see rare and expensive species of fish here that cannot usually be seen in other markets."

World Food Programme Food for Life


Hungry Tears by Al-Nasim Talukdar Rajib, Bangladesh

Al-Nasim Talukdar
Hungry TearsAl-Nasim Talukdar

"Sustenance is unfortunately not available to everyone. Humiliation, sadly not unknown to the starving children living in the hostile street environment, is often something to which they have to become accustomed"

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year (The Gulf)

Two by Two by Rico X, United Arab Emirates

Rico X
Two by TwoRico X

"While shooting in the northern town of Saint Louis in Senegal, I ventured into the neighbourhood of Guet N'Dar, meeting its people, trying to understand the community with the help of my guide when I came across this spot. All that was there were the jeans and the door with the Senegalese flag. I waited and I waited and this is by far my favourite capture from that long wait."


Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year (South East Asia)

Drying Fish by Khanh Phan Thi, Vietnam

Khanh Phan Thi
Drying FishKhanh Phan Thi

"These women are drying fish but they appear to be connecting the coloured patches together. The details of the fish remind us of Van Gogh's watercolour paintings."

Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year - Produce

The Eye by Adrian Chitty, United States

Adrian Chitty
The EyeAdrian Chitty

"Chardonnay lees forming a striking pattern at the bottom of a stainless steel fermentation tank."

The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year continues to tell the world's most important food stories as we adjust again to a new normal. War in Europe, climate change, soaring inflation...” said Phil Turnbull, CEO of APAL, owner of Pink Lady and headline sponsor of the Awards.

"But at the same time, we continue to grow, forage, cook, eat, celebrate, gather together, feast. Every year, the incredible winning images act as a witness to the centrality of food in every culture and every people across the globe."

Finalists' work will be exhibited at The Royal Photographic Society in Bristol from Saturday 20 May until Sunday 11 June.

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