Father and Son company made €3.4 million selling funky socks!

Father and Son company made €3.4 million selling funky socks!
By Louise Miner

A father and son company based in Huntington in New York has made 3.4 million euro's in just one and a half years from selling funky socks.

John Cronin had graduated from High School when he went into business with his dad Mark.

The twenty-two-year-old had always worn fun socks and decided that would be a good business venture.

[John’s Crazy Socks](https:// johnscrazysocks.com/) Co-Founder, John Cronin says, "Why socks? Because it's fun, it's colorful. I like to be creative and I want to see wonderful things here."

John’s Dad, Mark says, "We've been able to create 35 jobs - 18 of those are held by people with differing abilities. We've raised over $135,000 (€115,600) for our charity partners. Our customers are happy. We have over 10,000 online reviews - 96 percent of those are five-star reviews

John's Crazy Socks has more than 1,900 pairs of footwear designs for sale, with some designed by John himself.

The company's mission is to spread happiness and that's clear, as they've already shipped over 115,000 orders so far.