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Portrait of a nation shot by Indians 'India in a Day'

Portrait of a nation shot by Indians 'India in a Day'
By Euronews

Directed by Richie Mehta ‘India in a Day’ is an innovative and novel form of non-fiction filmmaking.

On October 10, 2015 millions of people in India filmed their daily lives and then uploaded the footage on to a website.

The result is a lyrical representation of a single day in India.

Most of the footage came from a certain demographic.

“An interesting aspect of this film is nobody from what you and I would call the economically wealthy class submitted a scrap of footage for this film. It was all coming from what we would label as the middle class, lower middle class, labour class in a way. So you look at that and the thousands of submissions that came in – I can’t help but think at the risk of generalising who was it that had something to say and never had that vehicle to say it before?”

The film looks at caste, parenting and sexuality part of catalogue of big themes.

The film will have a cinema release in India, before being available on You Tube.