Poll for UK newspaper finds large numbers want another Brexit vote

The issue of Brexit continues to ignite passions in the UK
The issue of Brexit continues to ignite passions in the UK Copyright frame
By Mark Armstrong
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A poll commissioned for the UK's Independent newspaper found almost two-thirds of people questioned would like to see another referendum on Brexit


It has been almost two years since the British flag was lowered from the European institutions - and that was supposed to be that.

The result was meant to be definitive, final.

But now there are reports in the British media that the infamous referendum may not be as final as the government of the day made out.

A poll commissioned by The Independent newspaper, found 65% of Britons, almost two-thirds of those questioned, want a repeat of the 2016 vote on Brexit. Just one year ago that number was 55%.

The UK is being battered by economic and government crises and still seems unable to control its borders.

Fifty-six percent of Britons are convinced that leaving the EU hurt the economy. Twelve months ago, that number was 44%.

The Brexit benefits promoted so passionately by its most prominent advocates such as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, haven't materialised, or at least not yet. And the country's global influence has worsened significantly.

Now, the poll finds a majority of those questioned would like to see a return to the European family - 54% as opposed to 46% previously.

But there is a snag, only 22% of the same sample group believe it would be possible to call a new referendum within five years.

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