Police pick up a penguin on the waddle in central Budapest

The young penguin was found in the centre of Budapest on Wednesday.
The young penguin was found in the centre of Budapest on Wednesday. Copyright Credit: Rendőrség
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Officers say they have put their investigation on ice!


Police have rescued a young penguin that escaped from a zoo in central Budapest.

Officers were on duty in the Hungarian capital early on Wednesday morning when they noticed the animal "loitering" in the road.

Police said that "vigilantes" had helped them recapture the lost penguin.

"As it would have been a long walk to Antarctica, they caught the bird, wrapped it in a blanket and handed it over to the Budapest Zoo," a statement read.

The penguin was found on Dózsa György út, a large street in central Budapest near a large public park that includes the city's zoo.

Officers posed for a photo with the animal after the rescue.Rendőrség

Budapest Zoo stated that the animal in question, named Sanyika, was just six months old.

"It may be news to some, but penguins become so curious at 4-6 months of age that they try to explore their environment as much as possible," the zoo said on Facebook.

"Somehow, Sanyi got out of his outdoor enclosure and wandered out of the zoo. To make sure this doesn't happen, we've installed cameras in the penguins' enclosure and are keeping a close eye on the penguin troop."

"The animal keepers are doing their best to ensure that Sanyi stays with the team during this curious time," it added.

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