Trump refuses to concede but provides no evidence of electoral fraud

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By Jack Parrock
Biden supporters celebrate in Washington, DC, November 9, 2020.
Biden supporters celebrate in Washington, DC, November 9, 2020.   -  Copyright  Jack Parrock/Euronews

Almost 48 hours after Joe Biden was declared US President-elect, incumbent Donald Trump is still refusing to concede defeat. Instead, he's pushing forward with unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voter fraud and asking the courts to intervene. But his hopes of reversing the result are narrowing as former Republican President George W Bush joins world leaders in publicly congratulating Biden.

Biden supporters celebrated this weekend in Washington DC, delighted their man has been elected into the White House.

But while it's four million fewer than for Biden, 70 million people still voted for the sitting president.

Across the country, supporters of President Trump aren't only disappointed, many are refusing to accept the results of the election.

"I am not surprised by it and you know we're still in this fight," one woman told Euronews. "We're out here to be loud, to be heard, to demand transparency. And, you know, we just want answers. There's a lot of questions still and a lot of races are still very close that shouldn't be called such as Arizona."

"You look at it and it's the press that called it, and it's fully proof that the press is manipulating and propagandising this whole election," another Trump supporter said. "They're brainwashing people. You can see it clearly."

Donald Trump, his team and his family have continued to assert their unfounded allegations of voter fraud on social media.

No presidential candidate in history has ever refused to concede defeat once all the ballots have been counted.

The question is how the country will react to Donald Trump if he won't hand over to Joe Biden peacefully?