Table for one? Restaurant serving one guest in a field opens in Sweden

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By Luke Hurst  with AP
The ultimate social distancing dining experience at Born For En
The ultimate social distancing dining experience at Born For En   -  Copyright  AP/Born For En

In these days of social distancing, the simple pleasure of a meal out at a restaurant is something many are missing.

But one restaurant in Sweden is taking the new way of life as an opportunity to launch a truly unique dining experience.

Bord For En, in the small town of Ranseter, lays out a single table, a single chair, and cooks up a single three-course meal for a single guest, once a day.

The customer sits in the middle of a field, with only the food, drink, and pleasant surroundings for company.

Chef Rasmus Person whips up the meal in the kitchen, and his partner Linda Karlsson sends it down to the guest using a rope and basket.

Sweden has taken relatively soft measures to fight coronavirus, but people have been advised to social distance.

The couple plan to keep the restaurant open during the summer and hope it can provide guests with a few hours of tranquility.

"I think one of the things many of us miss the most in these times is traveling, and since we can't geographically travel far, I think at least by our minds we can travel," says Rasmus Person.

"One of the best methods of having an inner travel is, at least I think so, is by food and nature. So, I think this combination and this experience will hopefully transport him somewhere. We'll see where that is."