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Watch again: Euronews hosts Q&A about the COVID-19 pandemic

Italy Virus Outbreak
Italy Virus Outbreak Copyright Luca Bruno/Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
Copyright Luca Bruno/Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
By Euronews
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Experts answered your questions about the COVID-19 pandemic


Euronewshosted a live Q&A panel on Friday evening with experts to answer your questions about the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Jenny Vaughan, a consultant physician representing The Doctor's Association UK answered questions on what makes someone particularly at risk and what people should do after venturing outside. 

"If someone was going out of the house to a normal job and then coming back, my advice to them would be when they're coming back to the house to actually, they could do things like change their clothes, have a shower, change their shoes. That would be very sensible advice to give," she said.

"Do not forget hand washing as a very simple, basic thing that you should do before you do anything or interact with anybody in the house,"Dr Vaughan added.

She also stressed that much about the novel coronavirus remains unknown and that having been cured from it does not guarantee immunity.

"The safe answer has to be, because we don't know, you can't then assume that you can go back to your normal lifestyle and not observe all of the things we've been advised to do so far," she said.

Lisa Forte, a founding partner of Red Goat Cyber Security, which teaches companies about the methods used by online criminals warned that the pandemic has been "a real opportunity for organised crime groups".

"Cybercriminals have been very active, certainly things like hospitals have been targeted a lot because they don't have the ability to have their systems offline for two weeks or whatever it takes," she went on.

Forte advised companies to review their cybersecurity policies after the pandemic, stressing that "the danger is that cybersecurity gets knocked down that priority list and that's going to be a very grave error for a lot of businesses."

Samantha Roccatti Joyce, an English teacher from L'Arbesle, near Lyon, said cybersecurity is also an issue during the pandemic in her industry as teachers, parents and pupils now rely on the internet.

"Kids are being left in front of screens all day because they're having to be in contact with their schools for the work and so they're obviously open to being attacked and being targeted by people with not good intentions. Its a problem, it's complicated. Parents have to survey a lot more and keep an eye on what's going on a lot more," she said.

She expressed hope, however, that the pandemic and the lockdown will help parents, pupils and teachers understand each other a lot more. 

You can watch our panel of experts answering questions from the Euronews audience in the player above.

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