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Meet Alison Jackson, the controversial British artist with celebrity culture in her sights

Alison Jackson's depiction of a Royal Family selfie
Alison Jackson's depiction of a Royal Family selfie   -   Copyright  Alison Jackson
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It’s rare for art students to create such controversial work during their studies that they are threatened with expulsion - but Alison Jackson wasn't just any art student.

She was staring at the end of her career in art before it had even begun when she caused a nationwide furore. Jackson took a photograph depicting the recently deceased Princess Diana with Dodi al Fayed and a baby - posed by lookalikes.

Alison Jackson -
Alison Jackson's infamous photo of Diana and Dodi lookalikesAlison Jackson -

But she escaped expulsion, completed her degree, and has gone on to create more controversial works of art, exploring the cult of celebrity.

With a fascination over why the public believe they know celebrities despite really knowing very little about them, Jackson has targeted many an A-lister with her lens.

Alison Jackson -
Simon Cowell gets the Alison Jackson treatmentAlison Jackson -

The Royal Family remains a source of inspiration for much of her work, but the likes of US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson keep Jackson busy.

Alison Jackson -
Alison Jackson -
'Donald Trump' in the lensAlison Jackson -
Alison Jackson -
A Boris Johnson lookalike with a bikeAlison Jackson -

Find out more about Alison, and how difficult wigs are to deal with, in the player above.