Chocolate coronavirus by French baker provokes smiles

A chocolate shell sprinkled with red almonds or an edible representation of the new coronavirus?

French chocolatier Jean-Francois Pre took his inspiration from a 3D model of the disease. He has sold dozens to customers in western France's Finistere region over the last week - and he does it, he says, because "it makes them smile in these difficult times."

Marc, a bookseller and chocolate lover, declared: "In these times of worry - of depression - or even of psychosis, it is important to calm things down and lead from the front because a smile is often a way to overcome our fears - it's perhaps the best antidote to fear."

Yann, an inhabitant of Landivisiau who came to buy chocolate with his daughters, said: "It's original. It does make a change from the psychosis that we normally hear. It's good that it's done - it's more original than what we hear constantly in our heads."