'World's first tapioca theme park opens in Tokyo'

What is claimed to be the world's first theme park dedicated to tapioca balls has opened in Tokyo.

It is the latest attempt to cash in on Japan's tapioca craze. 

Tapioca balls are made from starch extracted from the cassava root. 

The theme park, called Tapioca Land, runs until September 16 and features various tapioca vendors, a tapioca-themed ball pit, and a wide variety of selfie spots aimed at boosting the site's appeal on social media.

Japan's first "tapioca boom" took place in the early 1990s and featured coconut milk, while the second boom occurred just over ten years ago when big black tapioca pearls took over the market.

This latest trend features the same black tapioca pearls but combines them with colourful drink combinations to take the visual appeal of tapioca to a new level.