Watch: Worshippers dust the statue of Buddha ahead of festival

Watch: Worshippers dust the statue of Buddha ahead of festival
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Copyright JPNHK
By Sinead Barry with JPNHK
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On Wednesday morning, priests conducted a ceremony to temporarily remove the Buddha's soul from the statue


Buddha's soul is said to have been removed from a statue in Japan so it could be cleaned in preparation for a festival. 

It was removed during a ceremony on Wednesday conducted by priests. 

Then 180 priests and worshippers climbed the 15-metre high structure in Nara, near Osaka, to begin cleaning. 

Many of them worked from inside baskets suspended from the ceiling.

Dusting of the statue takes place on August 7 every year ahead of the Japanese Bon Festival, where communities pay respect to their ancestors. 

Many people came to watch the cleaning. A student of cultural properties from neighbouring Osaka Prefecture said it was her first time to see the process and she was very impressed that the work involves so many people.

Video editor • Francois Razy

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