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"Definitely worth the 12 hour flight": Why visitors don't regret visiting Sanya on Hainan island

By Damon Embling  & Katy Dartford
"Definitely worth the 12 hour flight": Why visitors don't regret visiting Sanya on Hainan island

Sanya, on China's Hainan island, is a growing tourist destination, with its beaches, mountains and rich culture a magnet for those in search of a unique holiday experience.

Dima Pylypchuk, 24, and Lilia Senky, 26, from Ukraine, chose Sanya for their first-ever visit to Asia.

We spoke to them as they visited the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, a popular tourist spot, famous for its 108-metre high statue in the sea and temple.

"It's definitely worth the 12-hour flight from Kyiv here because this is really amazing, really, says Dima."

"Sanya and China is our first trip in Asia," explains Lilia "and we decided to start exactly with Sanya because we heard it was a really nice place."

And what do they like about it?

"Great weather, sunny beaches, a lot of tourists from different countries" continues Lilia, " a nice cuisine."

"Since like the beginning of this year, 10 of my friends have been here on business trips, and also on vacation. And I definitely recommend this place to go to my friends because people are really nice, they help, they understand different languages, so it's like no barrier. And everything is like a stone's throw." says Dima.

"This is definitely a different culture than in Ukraine," explains Lilia "these buildings, the street culture."

"The general view is magnificent. You're just fully captivated by everything which is around you, which is close to you. The city is not like so big. But..." warns Dima "it's definitely good to have a hat with you because it's really hot!"

"And beautiful," says Lilia "A very warm and beautiful sea."