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Freed Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong demands resignation of Carrie Lam

Freed Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong demands resignation of Carrie Lam
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Joshua Wong has told Euronews that he will continue his protests against the "evil" planned extradition arrangement with mainland China.

Wong has been at the forefront of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests. He was one of the leading figures in 2014's so-called Umbrella Movement.

This began when proposed reforms to the Hong Kong electoral system were interpreted by many as effectively allowing the pre-screening of candidates by the Chinese Communist Party.

Students led a strike against the plans beginning in September 2014 and lasting for months, causing difficulties for the authorities in both Hong Kong and Beijing.

Wong has just been released from a second spell in prison and is already renewing his demands for the resignation of the territory's Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, over the proposed extradition plan.

Demonstrations against the extradition law continued while he was imprisoned; organisers say more than two million people took part in a demonstration on Sunday, despite the law being suspended. Police claimed the figure at the demonstration was 338,000.

Sunday's demonstration passed peacefully, in contrast to last Wednesday, which witnessed clashes between police and protesters which resulted in dozens of injuries.

The extradition plan is being seen as a further encroachment upon Hong Kong's democracy, as it could result in activists being sent for trial on the mainland.

Wong told Euronews' Good Morning Europe:

"Carrie Lam must step down and the evil extradition law must be withdrawn as soon as possible.

"'The One Country-Two Systems' agreement promised by Beijing (in 1997) has already been eroded to become one Country-one and a half systems.

"My generation wants to determine our own future rather than have our future determined by Beijing."