'Biblical' invasion of locusts wreaks havoc on Sardinian farmlands

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By Euronews
'Biblical' invasion of locusts wreaks havoc on Sardinian farmlands

Millions of locusts have invaded farmlands across central Sardinia, destroying crops and fodder for the livestock.

Up to 2,000 hectares of land around the Nuoro region is said to be affected, with one expert telling La Stampa newspaper that it amounted to the worst invasion in six decades.

The Nuoro edition of La Sardegna newspaper described the invasion as "biblical" and said some areas were reduced to "rugs of locusts".

A local branch of Italy's farming union, Coldiretti, said the locusts were "devouring everything they encounter", and that it may be too late to stop the onslaught.

Instead, the farming union is looking to the government to help with methods to prevent an invasion on such a large scale.

According to a statement on the Coldiretti website, farmers believe the plague was bought on by a sudden increase in temperatures that may have matured locust eggs laid in Autumn.

In order to prevent a further invasion, farmers say cultivating the surrounding land could stop the locusts from laying eggs.

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