Free beer and eternal life? The top comedy candidates in the 2019 European elections

Dublin Bus sports joke MEP candidate's slogan 'Is Racism Really Racist?'
Dublin Bus sports joke MEP candidate's slogan 'Is Racism Really Racist?' Copyright Bill Badbody TwitterBarry, Sinead
By Sinead Barry
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With the political situation in Europe growing ever more serious, some parties have managed to inject some humour into the proceedings.


With the growing rift between right and left, and the imminent threat of climate change, the future of the European Union has never been more doubtful.

Luckily, some EU election candidates have managed to see the humour amidst all of this chaos. Satirical campaigns have popped up all over Europe, shedding some light on the absurdity of contemporary politics, and providing the public with some well needed chuckles.

Euronews has picked out the best comedy candidates from across Europe.

Bill Badbody, Ireland

Self-proclaimed investigative journalist has won the hearts of the Irish public for his sharp take on today's political scene and witty social media presence.

Some of Badbody's most memorable campaign promises include a proposal to curb the housing crisis by introducing a one-child policy into Ireland and taxing the homeless.

"Ireland has been incredibly unlucky in the sense that the damaging blight of far right extremism and fascism really hasn't taken root here in our progressive society" Badbody told Euronews. 

His ambitious ideas stretch beyond Ireland however. What this fractured world needs to consider, says Badbody "is dividing society even further, using genre, race, age, class, and even hair colour" to achieve this.

Die Partei, Germany

Featuring candidates named Goebbels, Hess and Eichmann, Die Partei (The Party) aim to fight right-wing populism through satire.

Promising to confiscate the driver's licenses of climate change deniers Die Partei have certainly persuaded some Germans of their capabilities.

The party managed to win two seats at the European Parliament this election, gaining more votes in Berlin than the FDP.

ANO, vytrollime europarlament, Czech Republic

Called "Yes, we are going to troll the European Parliament" the Czech joke party convinced some 37,046 voters - amounting to 1.56% of the population.

What is the secret to the media success which won the population over? According to their twitter it was the "lobotomic examinations" their leaders underwent prior to the campaign.

Promising to raise minimum wage to triple the average wage, subsidise cucumber salads, and to bring the landlocked country to the sea, this ambitious party has reached 10th place in the European elections in the Czech Republic.

Two Tailed Dog Party, Hungary

Have voters lost faith in humanity? Should politicians be gorillas or perhaps chickens instead? The Two Tailed Dog Party in Hungary have shown in these elections that they are willing to take these kinds of measures to win voter trust.

With election promises that people actually want, such as free beer and eternal life, the party must be commended for their outside-the-box approach to politics.

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