Two all-English football finals, but how English are the teams?

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By Euronews
Two all-English football finals, but how English are the teams?

For the first time in history, all four teams contesting Europe's biggest footballing competitions will be from one nation - England.

Arsenal secured the historic quirk by beating Valencia on Wednesday evening - setting up a Europa League final with fellow Londoners, Chelsea on May 29.

The top tier Champions League final will feature yet another London team, Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) who will face Liverpool on June 1.

But how irregular is this occurrence?

The Champions League has in the past seen six one-nation finals, with Spain securing half of them.

An all-England final for the 2018-2019 season will mark the seventh in Champions League history, and the second time for England.

The Europa League, with fewer years under its belt, has seen two one-nation finals from Portugal and Spain.

This year's all-England final will be the third in the history of the competition.

But while much emphasis has been placed on the location of the teams, a look into the makeup of each team portrays a wildly different picture.

All four English teams have foreign managers - from Argentina (Mauricio Pochettino - Spurs), Spain (Unai Emery- Arsenal), Italy (Maurizio Sarri - Chelsea) and Germany (Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool).

The players themselves provide an extremely international picture.

Less than 20% of Arsenal players are English, while Tottenham has the most English players of the four finalists, making up 41% of its team.