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'I’m embarrassed for England': Joy Division star Peter Hook on Britain's political turmoil

'I’m embarrassed for England': Joy Division star Peter Hook on Britain's political turmoil
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Brexit Will Tear Us Apart (Again).


Joy Division star Peter Hook has told Euronews the political turmoil engulfing the UK has left him embarrassed for the country's standing in the world.

The musician, 63, described Brexit as an "absolute tragedy" but said a second referendum would not be the right thing to do.

His comments come with the country locked in a stalemate after MPs rejected PM Theresa May's EU divorce deal three times.

The ruling Conservatives, who suffered heavy losses in local elections on Thursday, are in talks with the opposition Labour Party to try and break the deadlock.

"I’ve spent all my life trying to get into the EU and now I’m being taken out against my will, which is an absolute tragedy," Hook told Euronews ahead of a gig in Lyon, France.

"But one thing it has done in England is that it has exposed our politicians for the idiots that they are," he continued.

This week May sacked her defence secretary Gavin Williamson after a probe into a leak from a national security meeting.

Williamson denies the charge.

"I look with horror every time I turn on the news," he said. "It's just terrible, it's embarrassing, I'm embarrassed for England in the world."

In an apparent swipe at May, Hook said the UK was in need of a strong leader to make a decision on Brexit and stick with it.

Yet despite opposing the vote to leave the European Union, he said it would be wrong to have another vote.

"It's like coin tossing isn't it? You know, with your friends: 'Go on, heads or tails? Oh, I've lost, let's do it again'.

On a more positive note, Hook, also known for being a member of New Order, suggested Brexit had at least politicised young people.

"What happened in England in particular with Brexit was that the young people didn't use their vote. They only used their vote when it came to the Conservatives [in the 2017 election], rightly so and they demolished the Conservative majority because they were upset about Brexit.

"It's not made things easier. But at least it brought out the young and it made them realise they had a voice and they had a vote and they could change things if they wanted to."

Watch excerpts of the interview in the video player above.

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