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Yowza! Scrabble stays on fleek with 3,000 new words to its dictionary

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By Euronews
Yowza! Scrabble stays on fleek with 3,000 new words to its dictionary
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Nearly 3,000 new words were added to the Scrabble dictionary on Thursday, reflecting some of society's biggest themes.

The words were chosen among terms popular in English-speaking countries and range from Brexit — "Remainer" — and vaccination — "antivaxxer" — to lifestyle with "hygge", "bingeable" and "sharenting".

The 2,862 new words join the existing 276,000 making up the Collins Official Scrabble Words dictionary.

Gender identity features heavily with cisgender, transphobia and genderqueer — when a person does not subscribe to traditional gender differences but identifies with both, neither, or a mixture of female and male genders. The gender-neutral pronoun "ze" has also been added.

Mansplaining, when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending or patronizing way, and manspreading, the practice by a male passenger on public transport of sitting with his legs wide apart, so denying space to passengers beside him, are also new additions.

Staying with transport, Scrabble players will also be able to put down "shebagging", which is the practice by a female passenger on public transport of placing a bag on the seat beside her, so denying it to others.

Other words, issued from slang or that were popularised by social media that have made the cut include bae, Yowza, fleek, subweet and capiche.

Burquini, upskirting, and kompromat — a Russian term meaning compromising documents kept as a potential blackmail tool — joined the short-list.

The update is the first since 2015. At the time, Collins, the publisher in charge of updating the list, saw fit to include "emoji", "ridic", and "lolz".