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How can we save democracy from fake news? Video report

Fonseca on fake news
Fonseca on fake news
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Why does fake news exist? How can we fight it? How much of a threat does it pose to Europe?

YouTube creator Fonseca, from the VisualPolitik channel, looked into the issue at the Democracy Alive festival on the Dutch Island of Texel. From a brief history of fake news to its current influence on the European political sphere.

To help unpick the issue, he enlisted the help of Margrethe Vestager, EU competition commissioner and social media strategist Ned Howey.

Watch the video to hear their suggestions for tackling the issue.

The Democracy Alive festival, organized by the pro-European lobby European Movement took place in April 11-14 gathering top politicians from all boards, activists and citizens in a political gathering inspired on the Democracy Festivals celebrated in several Nordic Countries in the last decade.