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United States denies Russian accusations of planning military intervention in Venezuela

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By John Paul Ging
United States denies Russian  accusations of planning military intervention in Venezuela

The United States has denied Russian accusations of planning military intervention in Venezuela, despite President Trump saying "all options are on the table."

The two countries exchanged opposing views at a UN Security Council meeting.

Russia claimed the US was reinforcing its military and logistical muscle in Puerto Rico and neighbouring Colombia.

The United States wants the UN to vote this week on a draft resolution calling for elections in the country and the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Elliott Abrams, the US' Special Representative for Venezuela said:

"We ask that others join us in sanctioning those who've been involved in the violence over the last weekend and who are fattened by the spoils of the Maduro regime's corruption. We ask that member states contribute to addressing the humanitarian situation in Venezuela as dozens of nations already have generously done."

Mr Abrams confirmed that Washington will impose new sanctions on Venezuelan officials.

Russia, leader of the countries supporting Nicolás Maduro as president, said that the US is preparing an imminent military intervention in Venezuela, something the US denies, even though Donald Trump has indicated that "all the options are on the table".

The Venezuelan Foreign Affairs minister, Jorge Arreaza, challenged the US and urged the UN to approve a resolution against the "use of force" in Venezuela. He was also defiant.

At the Security Council meeting, speaking in his native Spanish, Arreaza said:

"Saturday was the last chapter, on Saturday, of the coup d'état, they like to say to you 'read my lips.'

Then, switching to English, he added: "Read my lips: it failed"

At the Colombian border, new clashes left several injured.

At the Simon Bolivar bridge , where on Friday several trucks with humanitarian aid were turned back or destroyed, a number of displaced people protested in the hope the border would reopen soon.

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