Dozens die drinking illegally-brewed alcohol in India

Dozens die drinking illegally-brewed alcohol in India
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Police in India are investigating the deaths of dozens of people in the state of Utter Pradesh that have been linked to illegally-brewed alcohol.

Police in India have launched an investigation after dozens have died from drinking bootleg alcohol in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

Twenty-six people died in two separate incidents in the region while 13 others died in the neighbouring state of Uttarakhand.

Authorites fear the toll will rise as deaths linked to illicit liquor have been reported in other regions.

Senior Police Officer Dinesh Kumar, said: "We are trying to find out if anyone else has consumed the (spurious) liquor. Has it been kept in any homes? We are investigating. And we are trying to get them the best possible treatment."

Post-mortem and initial forensic reports suggested that the brew was laced with methanol.

Thirty people have been arrested and more than 400 litres of hooch have been confiscated.

According to the National Crime Bureau around 1,000 people die in India each year after consuming illegally-brewed alcohol.

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