Police believe they have found Sweden's stolen crown jewels

Police believe they have found Sweden's stolen crown jewels
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Sweden's crown jewels, which were stolen in a dramatic motorboat heist in July last year, may have been recovered, police have said.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Sweden's national police said officers believed they had recovered the €6.2 million collection but were working to confirm the news.

"Everything suggests that the stolen regalia has been found," the statement said. "All indications are that Karl IX's stolen funeral jewels have been found in the Stockholm area, but police are working intensively to have it confirmed 100%."

A trial is currently underway for one suspect in the theft, and police are continuing the investigation to search for others believed to be involved.

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Speedboat heist

Two crowns belonging to 17th-century monarchs, Karl IX and his wife Kristina, and a royal orb were among the collection stolen from a cathedral located west of Stockholm in late July.

They were kept in locked and alarm-activated displays that were open to visitors.

After nabbing the jewels, the suspects made their getaway in a speedboat moored near the cathedral.

Officers attempted to pursue the robbers, but no immediate arrests were made.

Following the news on Tuesday of the potential discovery, Strangnas Cathedral, where the jewels once resided, posted to Facebook saying it "prayed and hoped that [the news] is true."

"It is gratifying that the royal collection in Strangnas Cathedral appears to have been found," it said in a follow-up message on Twitter. "Thank you to everyone who worked on returning these cultural treasures."