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Here are the jokes other Europeans are making about the UK over Brexit

Here are the jokes other Europeans are making about the UK over Brexit
By Cristina Abellan Matamoros
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It comes as the British Prime Minister Theresa May tries to gain support for her Brexit deal in the Commons on Tuesday.


With the UK set to leave the EU in just 52 days, the process has been stressful for both foreigners living in the UK and for Brits living in the EU.

UK MPs voted on Tuesday night in favour of amendments to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, calling for a no-deal Brexit to be ruled out, and for the Irish backstop to be replaced by "alternative arrangements".

May will travel to Brussels on Thursday to tell European leaders they must accept legally binding changes to the Irish border arrangements of the divorce deal or face a no-deal scenario.

But the EU remains firmly behind the withdrawal agreement that was negotiated beforehand with May.

Since the UK has decided to backtrack on the Brexit deal agreed, people from European countries have taken to social media to mock the situation May has found herself in.


Britain and the EU have wrestled with comments over who will face the biggest turmoil when the UK departs the bloc. 



A tweet from Spain shows May trying to leave a door marked "Brexit", trying multiple keys to no avail.

A Spanish news website satirised that the recent sacking of Manchester United football manager Jose Mourinho for delays: "The United Kingdom will not continue with Brexit because it has already disposed of Mourinho."

Another Twitter user said Brexit reminded him of Luis Buñuel's movie 'The Exterminating Angel'.


An Instagram post by German website Der Postillon, featuring satirical articles on international and national news, ironically called for the EU to start a new alliance without the UK.

The same satirical website tweeted a picture of Queen Elizabeth II with the following caption: "So, that's enough!": Queen introduces absolute monarchy again #brexit #BrexitChaos"

"Today the 'final Brexit vote' will take place. The finale was only the Rolling Stones farewell tour in 1971," joked another Twitter user.


A Russian Twitter user said: "The British are lucky. Before Brexit it was the EU responsible for all their problems. Now it's Brexit".

While this Twitter user discovered a new word in Russian: "From a Russian friend: there's a new verb in Russian: брекзить (to Brexit) - я брекжу, ты брекзишь, он брекзит...means to say goodbye but not to leave."


In the meantime the French complained about the British being a nuissance while trying to leave the bloc.

"They (the British) annoyed us for wanting to enter (the Union) and now they annoy us for their wish to leave: The British are like the cats of Europe."

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