Hungarian PM Viktor Orban holds first government news conference of 2019

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By Philip Pangalos
Hungarian PM Viktor Orban holds first government news conference of 2019

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban held his first government news conference of 2019, where he drew a distinct line between European ideologies.

It was a rare press conference open to all, for the first time in a decade, as Viktor Orban usually prefers to address media that are sympathetic to him, while other media can only ask questions at joint press conferences with foreign leaders, and even then, journalists who criticise him are often excluded.

During the presser, the Hungarian Prime Minister stressed that the migration issue will shock Europe in the next decade, saying that migration will not only be the only important issue in the Euro elections, it will be an issue that will deeply reshape policies in Europe. He added that different European views on migration threaten the unity of Europe.

"In Western European countries, migration is an issue of coexistense. But not in Central Europe. Because we don't want to cohabit with others, we want to stay alone," he said.

In response to a question by Euronews on the stance of Manfred Weber condemning the country in the European Parliament over sanctions on the Central European University, the Hungarian Prime Minister stated: "Well, it happens sometimes that a friend is tricked. This happened to my friend Manfred Weber. I think that his vote against Hungary on the issue of Soros' university was unjustified."

Orban's speech came as he continues to come under fire in Hungary, with mass protests over amended legislation dubbed the "slave law". Despite the wave of protests, Orban again stood firm, stating that there is an opportunity for workers to make more money.