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Russian official sacked after photoshopping landfill site pictures

A picture of the site next to a photoshopped version
A picture of the site next to a photoshopped version Copyright All-Russia People's Front MovementAll-Russia People's Front Movement
Copyright All-Russia People's Front Movement
By Naira Davlashyan
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A Russian official has been sacked after photoshopping pictures of a landfill site.


A Russian official has been sacked for photoshopping an illegal landfill out of photographs.

It comes after residents in the Saratov region found a rubbish dump and complained about it in 2017 to the regional headquarters of the All-Russia People's Front (ONF) — a state-funded movement aimed at bringing new people into politics.

The ONF appealed to the district administration in Saratov with a request to remove the landfill.

One year later, a response came back and it contained photographs allegedly confirming that the requirement had been met.

However, the organisation found that the photographs had been corrected.

“You don’t need to be a super designer or photo specialist to understand that with a difference in a year, photos cannot look exactly the same, even the shape of the clouds,” Lyudmila Rossenko, a spokeswoman for the Saratov branch of ONF, told Euronews.

Representatives of the ONF visited the site of the landfill and found that it was still there and had grown.

“It would be great if the dismissal of an employee was followed by the elimination of the landfill.

"While we are talking only about the dismissal, the dump as it was, remains so. It is not a very good situation,” Rosenko added.

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