Already hosting a million refugees, Colombia will continue 'open arms' policy

Colombian president Ivan Duque on Global Conversation
Colombian president Ivan Duque on Global Conversation

The Colombian president's language on immigration contrasts sharply with that of European leaders.

Colombian president Ivan Duque describes his country's immigration policy as one of "open arms."

"What we want to do in Colombia is to really normalise immigration," he told Euronews' Ana Lazaro Bosch.

Over four thousand Venezuelans enter Colombia every day, adding to one million of their compatriots who have already arrived there since 2015, according to UNHCR. They are seeking to escape food shortages, violence and crippling inflation in their homeland.

The UN body said last month that the refugee crisis in Venezuela is on the same scale as that of Syria.

Speaking on Global Conversation, Duque recognised that this influx has placed social and economic pressure on his country, but said it was important to show solidarity to those he describes as "fleeing dictatorial persecution."

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