Captain of the Lifeline ship feels wrongly targeted

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By Louise Miner  with Reuters
Captain of the Lifeline ship feels wrongly targeted

For the second time in a week, Malta has detained a humanitarian ship which normally rescues migrants off the coast of Libya.

It comes as the Captain of the first ship, The Lifeline attended a court hearing there on Monday.

The prosecutor says the ship was not properly registered but the groups operating both vessels deny any wrongdoing.

It's understood the German government has offered him diplomatic aid.

Captain Claus-Peter Reisch's lawyer says they feel wrongly targeted.

Neil Falzon, lawyer for Claus-Peter Reisch says, "From the captain's personal perspective, he feels that he's the victim of a campaign targeting NGOs and targeting refugees ultimately."

The Lifeline saved around 230 migrants when Italy refused to allow it to dock.

Since Friday, in two separate incidents, as many as 204 migrants have drowned.

The magistrate has set the bail at 10,000 Euro's adding he must stay on the ship and can't leave the island.

The 57-year old's due back in court again Thursday.