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Winning the consumer market with outstanding sales stunts

Winning the consumer market with outstanding sales stunts
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Sales are an interesting department of any organization, largely because it brings in the money. But interesting also means chaotic. Has anybody ever been able to chalk out a clear cut formula which can guarantee optimum sales? Consider the scenario yourself and answer honestly. The answer is bound to be negative because the aspects that sales figures depend on are seemingly variable.

The chaos arise largely due to this variation. As the head of sales, you are bound to change every year or so. The customers will want new and different stuff from your company and you have to provide. How will you be able to cope with all this in the most efficient manner? Here is a small article by head of sales team at Deal Voucherzon how to improve top line with hampering your bottom line.

What exactly is sales efficiency and how to gain it?

For every business, whose primary objective is to produce a large range of products or provide a variety of services to customers, sales are the primary aspect. No matter how good your products are or how your services are rated, your business will collapse without an efficient sales procedure. Your sales process has to be efficient in order to be productive and its efficiency depends on a lot of factors such as training, motivation, sales data usage, teamwork, and preparedness. Therefore, you must learn a few activities which can ensure the most efficient sales.

What are the outstanding activities?

A large group of professionals would have different opinions about the perfect strategy to increase your sales. If you study them correctly, you can chalk out a definitive list of activities that can ensure you that your sales figures hit the desired mark.

Video marketing

The importance of video in our lives is unmistakable. A simple question would justify the statement. When was the last time you spent a day without watching a video or better still without watching a video on YouTube? From Facebook Live to Snapchat, Vine, and Vimeo, Videos have surrounded our daily lives like a Haze. As per marketing requirements, video marketing acts as an appropriate medium for the marketers where they can connect with their audiences in the most lucrative, versatile and shareable manner. It is also very efficient and convenient from the consumer’s point of view.

Let me give you the facts. As per a survey by Diode Digital, it has been concluded that as a marketing tool video marketing online is more effective than print and mail marketing by a staggering percentage of 600. In the UK, more than 75 million people are engaged in watching online videos daily. Traffic on websites is increased up to 55 percent due to the use of embedded videos. The open rates of emails increases by 13 percent by simply mentioning the word video in the line of the subject. On top of it all, 40 percent for the video is viewed via Mobile phones. These facts must be enough to establish the importance of Video marketing in today’s business scenario.


Yes, it is important to get your product right and of the quality that is promised but that is not the prospect right now. After you have secured the quality of the products it is mandatory for you to present it in the right manner. The presentation is the key to increasing your sales figures and the sooner you learn it the better. Both your brand image and brand value will be boosted once you provide the right presentation to your products and services. A below average advertisement will do no justice to the high-quality substance you produce and hence will not provide the expected sales turnout. Ask yourself if you would buy a product that does not attract you with a good advertisement? How often do you buy products based only on the quality of advertisement you see? Pretty often, right? Well, that is just basic human nature. A good presentation will not only attract customers and increase sales but will also garner a fine reputation within the industry.

A healthy customer relationship

Your customers are you Gods. The reason behind me saying this is that they have the ability to make or break you. An angered customer will not only stop buying your products or services but might also badmouth you and your company in the market and hence drop your sales figures dramatically. Maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your customers via an efficient customer care services and a diligent service providing system. Make sure your customers find it easy to communicate with you and express them freely. Value their reviews and opinion and if possible try to include any changes they refer to you.