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Quiz: What are the abortion laws in your country?

Quiz: What are the abortion laws in your country?
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Copyright REUTERS
By Alice CuddySallyann Nicholls
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As debate over abortion heightens on the eve of the Irish referendum, take our quiz to find out what the rules are in your country.


Debate over abortion is heating up across Europe as Ireland prepares for a historic referendum that could see its strict legislation repealed.

While the majority of EU countries allow early abortions without requiring a reason, Malta, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Poland stand apart for either banning the procedure completely or having strong restrictions in place.

Even for European countries that do allow abortions, the laws vary greatly in areas such as time limits, the inclusion of social factors like economic and family circumstances, and exceptions for older or younger pregnant women.

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However, legislation in Europe "does not always reflect the reality", according to Caroline Hickson, regional director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) European Network.

While some countries have conditions such as requiring authorisation by one or more doctors in place, these are not always a barrier in practice, she said.

In others where abortion is legally required to be available, there are “a range of obstacles that delay and sometimes prevent access altogether.”

Take part in our quiz below to find out what the legislation says about abortion in your country, and let us know how it compares to your real-life experiences.

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