As it happened: Wednesday morning, May 2

Kanye West, Armenia protests, Buddhist monk
Kanye West, Armenia protests, Buddhist monk
By Emma Beswick

Euronews brings you the latest news and updates as they happen this morning.

Good morning Europe! Welcome to our live coverage of the European and international news on Wednesday, May 2.

The main stories today:

**Libya attack: **At least seven people were killed in an attack on Libyan electoral commission offices in Tripoli, a spokesman said.

Armenia strike: Protesters in Armenia Wednesday blocked some routes into the capital, Yerevan, and a road to the airport, after protest movement leader Nikol Pashinyan announced a nationwide campaign of civil disobedience.

Shoe protest: Muntazer al-Zaidi a man who threw his shoes at George W. Bush in 2008 is running for office in Iraq.

Aftermath of Paris protests: More than 200 people were arrested in Paris on Tuesday after masked anarchists smashed shop windows, torched cars and hurled stones at police during a May Day rally by labour unions.

Kanye: Kanye West has Tweeted to attempt to diffuse a row he caused when he said 400 years of slavery "sounds like a choice".

Follow all the updates below:

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