Who pays the most tax in Europe?

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By Duncan Hooper
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Think you pay too much tax? If you live in Belgium you might have a case.

The average worker in the world's richest countries will pay around a quarter of their salary in tax and social contributions, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.


Taxpayers in Belgium carry the heaviest burden, at 40.5% with Denmark and Germany also over 35%, an annual report entitled Taxing Wages showed.

Chile has the lowest rate among the developed nations at 7% but Switzerland holds the crown in Europe at 16.9% while Estonia has the lowest tax burden in the EU at 18.4%.

Many countries tax families at lower rates than single couples. Despite its government's pro-family policies, Poland is the only European nation where a single earner without children pays a lower percentage of earnings in tax than a married couple with one earner and two children.

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