Panic buying 'toilet paper frenzy' in Taiwan

Panic buying 'toilet paper frenzy' in Taiwan
By Euronews

Shoppers have been clearing the shelves amid fears of a steep price hike

Fears of a sharp rise in the price of toilet paper have prompted panic buying in Taiwan.

People are stocking up to make sure they are not caught short.

Shelves usually stacked with the product stand empty. One customer said that she had visited two or three stores in her hunt for toilet paper.

Taiwan's Department of Consumer Protection urged customers not to worry, and assured them that the price of toilet paper until the middle of March will not change, as prices in their catalogues have already been printed.

The panic buying started after word spread that toilet paper manufacturers were expecting a 10 to 30% price rise as a result of a supply disruption in short fibre pulp, local media reports.

Authorities have called for calm.

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