Transport chaos as Paris snowbound

Transport chaos as Paris snowbound
By Robert Hackwill

Stranded commuters express anger at rail cancellations and uncleared roads.

Heavy snow in the Paris region in northern France is producing transport chaos this Wednesday morning.

Freezing temperatures contributed to a record number of traffic jams on Tuesday night, 739 kilometres long in total, as commuters struggled to return home and employers fear many will not bother to try and get to work on time today.

That will not be helped by cancellations on the rail network as power lines froze and rails required de-icing.

On Tuesday night train stations and homeless shelters in the French capital had to look after some 1,500 people who were unable to make it home.

Drivers abandoned cars on one main raod leading out of the city, and stayed the night in a local sports hall.

Temperatures are expected to drop further today.

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