Outcome unclear after first results in Iceland election

Outcome unclear after first results in Iceland election
By Tokunbo Salako

Mood on the Nordic island favours change after a year of disappointment and distrust

It is still unclear who will be running the government in Iceland after the Nordic island’s second snap election within a year.

Despite some apparent losses, the main centre-right Independence Party, which has dominated Iceland’s politics for decades, looks set to remain the biggest.

But it is far from sure that Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson will be able to form a coalition.

First results early on Sunday morning indicate that a left-leaning alliance could form a narrow majority in parliament.

Benediktsson called the snap poll in September after less than a year in government amid a scandal over his father’s written intervention on behalf of a paedophile.

The previous government was defeated last year amid a tax haven scandal linked to the so-called Panama Papers.

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