'Chipocalypse' now as New Zealanders face up to a crisp crisis

'Chipocalypse' now as New Zealanders face up to a crisp crisis
By Euronews

A winter of unprecedented rainfall has devastated the country's potato crop

Crisp lovers in New Zealand are bracing themselves for a snack shortage labelled the ‘chipocalypse’ as a year of heavy rain takes its toll on the country’s potato crop.

Persistent downpours in the region have led to the nation declaring its third-wettest year on record, and left vast swathes of the staple food submerged in waterlogged fields.

Estimates suggest around 20% of New Zealand’s annual potato crop has been wiped out, with the varieties farmed for crisping taking the biggest hit.

The shortage has already resulted in a year-on-year price increase of 30% for a kilogram bag of potatoes and now appears to be hitting the supply of crisps to supermarkets and retailers.

The issue has received widespread media coverage in the country.

And some New Zealanders are managing to see a silver lining to the cloud cast by ‘chipocalypse’.

For others, the alternatives are too terrifying to contemplate.

Next year’s potato crop is also set to be affected as the ground at present remains too wet for planting.

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